Sounddevice 302 Tonmischer

Portabler 3 Kanal Audiomischer

– Pan-Schalter je Kanal
– Phantomspeisung 12 oder 48 V
– Limiter für Ein- und Ausgangskanäle
– MS Stereo Matrix für die Eingangskanäle 1 und 2
– High Pass Filter für 80 / 160 Hz
– Einstellbares Ausgangssignal von Mikrofon bis Linepegel
– Kopfhörer Monitoring für Stereo / Mono Programm, Return, PFL und MS Stereo

– 3x Mikrofon / Line-In (trafosymmetrische), XLR (f)
– 1x Mix, Mini XLR (f)
– 1x Return, Ch 4 – 5, 3,5 mm Stereo-Klinke

– 2x Mikrofon / Line-In, XLR (m)
– 1x Mix / Tape (Line-Level), Mini XLR (m)
– 1x Kopfhörer, 3,5 mm Stereo-Klinke

Sounddevice 302 Field Recorder

The Sound Device 302 is a state-of-the-art, industry-standard field mixer that is specifically developed for audio-for-picture applications. It is a complete field mixer, but designed to fit in a super-compact package. It features Lundahl transformer-balanced mic or line level inputs on XLR connectors, continuously adjustable input trim, two-position high-pass filter, pan switches, limiters on inputs and outputs, stereo and MS linking of channel 1 and 2, phantom (48 V or 12 V) or „T“ microphone powering selected per channel, solo (PFL) channel monitoring in headphones, peak limiters per channel, active-balanced line/tape/mic level outputs on XLR connectors, return input for monitoring, sunlight-viewable LED meters, and on-board MS stereo matrix. It runs on either three internal AA batteries or external 5-18 VDC.

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