Roll and Wow – Simple Camerawork to Tell Your Stories

This is a hands-on workshop that combines basic cinematography practices, useful camerawork theory, and an exercise session at the end to put what you have learned to work. Our goal is to give you the basic skills you would need to turn your stories into engaging films, through both camerawork and simple editing tricks.


Whom is this workshop for

Marketing experts, Communication Managers, and Content Creators for companies that wish to produce video content in-house. Project Managers in small business owners would also find this workshop helpful in learning to produce their own video with minimum equipment.






No prior camera or cinematography experience is needed. This workshop is for anyone interested in learning and practising how to turn your stories into engaging films using simple camerawork and editing skills.



Day one: Introduction to Cinematography Practices and Camerawork for Storytelling

01. How to put a picture on a wall – A short history of the camera.
02. Uncountable possibilities – A short overview of today’s equipment/standards.
03. Everything is the same – The exposure triangle and what it means.
04. Steady, steady….. – Basic equipment (tripods, gimbal, move your camera).
05. Choose a side/your vantage point – Start the process/take your first picture/start telling your story/camera angles/point of view.
06. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – how to put a picture together/the golden cut/motive compositing
07. The always annoying fly… – How something always goes wrong on the production and how to handle it.
08. And there was light…. – Basic lightning theory for no equipment available, shooting on the run.
09. Backup or breakup – Codecs, data management and fun.
10. And it was good…. – Q&A.
11. 4 hours of hands-on playtime with the camera.


Day two: Put it all together: The power of Editing

01. Introduction to editing.
02. Avid is a bitch – Overview of software solution and introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro.
03. Work is fun – How to organise data and files.
04. Finally starting – Create your first project.
05. Canvas, previews and tabs – Get to know your environment.
06. Practice and practice – Live workshop using the material you have collected on day one.
07. Be the square – Import files, organise your project, and review your material.
08. Follow the white rabbit – How to tell a story with editing.
09. All ways lead to Rome – How to approach your project.
10. Know your friends – Important tools and shortcuts.
11. Something about audio – What is audio design, colour correction, and what music to use?
12. 4 hours of hands-on workshop, Q&A session, and practical tips for a successful project.