Zeiss Compact Prime 15mm T2.9

The Zeiss CP.2 15mm cine prime lens is a versatile tool for filmmakers and video production professionals. With imperial markings and compatibility with PL, EF, F, MFT, and E mounts, this lens offers broad flexibility in terms of camera compatibility. It is also follow-focus compatible, making it a great choice for precise focus pulling. The CP.2 15 is designed to shoot wide angles in tight spaces, making it a great tool for shooting architectural settings in confined spaces. It is a rectilinear flat field lens, which means it works extremely well in the distortion area, minimizing it to almost non-existence and producing razor-sharpness to the very edges of the frame, even on full frame sensor cameras. This lens accurately captures horizontal and vertical lines and delivers natural looks, making it perfect for shooting in confined spaces. With a 300° manual focus rotation, it allows for precise follow-focusing, and it is 4K-compatible. The consistent front diameter and color-matching with the rest of the CP.2 family make it a cohesive addition to any filmmaker’s kit.